Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints - Buyer's Guide 

Detecting targeted, persistent malware attacks is a bigger problem than a single point-in-time control or product can effectively address on its own. Advanced malware protection requires an integrated set of controls and a continuous process to detect, confirm, track, analyze and remediate these threats-before, during, and after an attack. 

Key questions to ask your vendor
  • How are you using big data for persistent malware determination?
  • How is malware analyzed to determine exactly what it does?
  • How does your malware analysis automatically update detection capabilities?
  • How do you gather intelligence on emerging malware threats?
  • How do you perform continuous analysis for retrospective malware detection?
How Cisco AMP does it? 
  • Cisco uses purpose-built models to identify malware based on what it does, not what it looks like. We call this Threat Grid Analytics technology. Now integrated into AMP, Threat Grid gives security teams an additional malware knowledge base sourced from around the globe (Talos).
  • Retrospective Security turns back the clock on attacks. Constantly scrutinize file behavior, trace processes, file activities and communications over time in order to understand the full extent of an infection, establish root causes, and perform remediation.
  • Tracking Malware through trajectory and identifying patterns, not fingerprints. 

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