Microsoft Azure Truly Consistent Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft believes that a true hybrid cloud must provide four components, each of which brings significant benefits. They are the following:

1. Common identity for on-premises and cloud applications. This improves user productivity by giving your users single sign-on to all of their applications.

2. Integrated management and security across your hybrid cloud. This enables a cohesive way to monitor, manage, and help secure your environment, giving you increased visibility and control. 

3. A consistent data platform for your datacenter and the cloud. This gives you data portability, combined with seamless access to on-premises and cloud data services for deep insight into your data.

4. Unified development and DevOps across the cloud and your on-premises datacenters. This lets you move applications between the two environments as needed, and it also improves developer productivity, since both places now have the same development environment.


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